Should I bird proof my solar panels?

An illustration of a person, where their face is drawn like a sun, with rays shining. They’re hugging a house. It is pencil drawn, and the person’s face and the house is filled in with Glowb’s branded gradient colours.

We recently wrote about 5 most compelling reasons to get solar. But what we didn’t mention is that birds are also wise to the benefits of solar. Solar panels make very nice homes for pigeons, doves – anything with wings! The panels themselves provide perfect shelter and a cosy hiding space for nests. And since birds […]

Your guide to solar accreditations

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Feel assured – we’re accredited! We pride ourselves on high quality everything – from the service you receive to the installation standards we’re known for. Our accreditations are the badges to prove it. It can be daunting to take the first step in researching solar for your home, and with so many acronyms and logos […]

How much do solar panels save?

*Spoiler alert* – There’s just no way of answering this question with perfect accuracy. We can’t aim to be the UK’s most trusted solar brand if we promise all customers everywhere £xxx savings or xxx% reduction in their energy bills.  The good news is that we can predict with reasonable certainty how much electricity your […]