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Which should I sort first: solar installation, EV charging or heat pump? 

House with solar and ev charging a yellow car

Reducing the carbon footprint of your home can feel like a big investment. While every investment you make will reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint over time, it can help to de-carbon your home in the right order. Here we take a look at the most logical order of installation for solar, EV and […]

Do you need planning permission for solar panels? 

You don’t always need planning permission to install solar panels. However, it’s always worth checking what is allowed in permitted development. In this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about planning permission for solar panels and what to do if you find your home needs it.  I have a listed building, […]

New rooftop rules for solar panels

Certain buildings no longer need planning permission in the new rooftop rules for solar panels. To support the UK hit net zero emissions by 2050, the new rules came in during 2023.  These new rooftop rules for solar panels should remove the 8-week wait and fee to find out if you can have panels on […]

Do solar panels work in winter?

Solar panels work in winter – and all year round – to give your home renewable energy. We’re here to bust the myth that the UK winter and wet weather means your solar panels stop working. While we might not get as many daylight hours in winter, your panels will still be working during the […]

5 reasons why solar makes sense

Get started The list of reasons why home solar energy is attractive to homeowners seems to be growing all the time, with some customers taking the plunge because solar simply feels like a ‘no brainer’. The most compelling benefits of solar are listed below, although it’s worth mentioning that everyone is motivated by different reasons […]

How much do solar panels save?

Get started *Spoiler alert* – There’s just no way of answering this question with perfect accuracy. We can’t aim to be the UK’s most trusted solar brand if we promise all customers everywhere £xxx savings or xxx% reduction in their energy bills.  The good news is that we can predict with reasonable certainty how much […]