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Cookies policy

We’ll try not to make you too hungry while explaining all about cookies. Cookies are text files that get saved onto your devices when you use a website. A cookie is unique to you and there are many of them, each cookie does something different.

When you visit our website, we may collect information from you through cookies or similar technology, but only after you’ve given us your consent. If anything changes, you’ll find the latest updates here.

This page was last updated on Friday 24th March 2023.

How do we use cookies?

Your experience matters to us, so we use cookies to help us understand your preferences and where we can make improvements. Some features won’t function as expected if you don’t accept the cookies on our website. The cookies we use will help us:

  • Understand how you use our website
  • Understand how you interact with features on our website
  • Improve your experience on our website
  • Advertise to you only when it’s relevant

What cookies do we use?

  • First-party cookies: We use Google Analytics which uses first-party cookies to track things like page views, sessions and the number of users.
  • Third-party cookies: We use third party technologies on our website and they have behavioural tracking cookies that are not set up by us. We have information on all the third party technologies we use on our Privacy Policy.
  • Persistent cookies: To improve your experience every time you visit our website, persistent cookies, (mostly Google Analytics) are used to remember information, settings, and preferences. These cookies expire regularly.
  • Secure cookies: Usually installed on ‘https’ domains for extra security. A secure cookie activates the security for users by browsing via https, securely transmitting with encrypted connections.
  • Targeting and advertising cookies: Used to gather information about your website activity like content viewed, links clicked, and browser and device information. This data may be shared with third-party advertisers to make sure any advertising is relevant to you. 
  • Call tracking: Our website uses call tracking technologies to track the pages users visit, how long they stay on the site, and what actions they take. This information is used to improve the user experience and help us better understand our audience. CallRail collects the information on the callers that call our business customers through the dedicated phone numbers that our business customers have purchased through CallRail (or numbers our business customers have requested be ported into CallRail from another provider). Call tracking may also be used for marketing purposes, such as tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and personalising content.

How to manage cookies

If you no longer want us to collect cookies from you, you can search the internet for how to delete them from your specific devices – it’s pretty straightforward!