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Meet our team

An illustration of two people chatting with a coffee mug in each of their hands, pencil drawn, and the person’s face is filled in with Glowb’s branded gradient colours.

On a mission to be the UK’s most trusted solar brand.

We’re a team of solar and smart energy experts, passionate about building the UK’s most trusted, customer-centred solar business, so we can unlock the country’s transition to renewable energy. We’re making light work of solar and have the best team in the business to make this happen.

An illustration of two people chatting with a coffee mug in each of their hands, pencil drawn, and the person’s face is filled in with Glowb’s branded gradient colours.


Chief Executive Officer

Sarah has been building businesses that tackle climate change since 2008. She’s no stranger when it comes to solar. Having founded and led a successful solar business bringing innovative finance models to new markets, Sarah has been evangelising solar since before it became cool. Sarah believes that diverse teams create the best solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – and is excited to create high quality green jobs across the country. Sarah is brilliantly poised to lead Glowb in its mission to unlock the domestication of residential solar in the U.K.


Director and Chair

Colin is our finance expert, with 30 years’experience building banks and financial institutions all over the world. He’s been obsessing about how to scale residential solar in the UK for the past 3 years – ever since he saw how solar has developed in other countries during his travels. Colin’s banking and regulatory expertise is helping Glowb secure the best possible finance partners, making solar accessible for all homeowners, not just those who want to pay upfront.


Chief Brand and Marketing Officer

Lucy believes that behind every great business is a brilliant brand, and Glowb is no different. Lucy puts our brand at the heart of our people and processes so we stay authentic in how we show up for our customers. Lucy has built brands and led marketing teams for high growth businesses in new markets, including smart home energy, consumer tech and social impact sectors.


Chief Tech Officer

Ben has led technology teams in 4 startups, a scale-up and an enterprise. He aims for impact at scale via software – whether that’s making smart energy accessible at Glowb to reducing food waste by £50m a year or keeping people physically active in the fitness-tech industry.


Head of Operations

Gurjit leads our Operations division with a wealth of experience in the home energy sector including running an established solar business. He knows his way around a solar installation and is genuinely passionate about being in service to customers who want to make smarter home energy choices. Gurjit and his expert installation team are the ones actually making light work of solar for our customers, helping them make the transition to solar a seamless experience.



Bren is a super experienced solar PV installer and roofing specialist who joined Glowb from one of the UK’s big six energy companies. Having worked on hundreds of roofs of all different shapes and sizes, he’s is a stickler for detail and is truly committed to helping customers have the best solar system for their home. He’s no stranger to receiving glowing customer feedback, either!


Installation Manager

Aamar manages our installers and his vast experience as a qualified electrician and solar and battery installer means he’s the very best person for the job. Not only is he fully MCS qualified, but Aamar is well-versed in all regulations and compliance when it comes to solar – if you want to ‘geek out’ about solar during your on-site survey, Aamar’s your man! Aamar is committed to helping customers find the transition to solar easy and straightforward.


Operations Manager

John has over 20 years’ experience in customer service, with a strong focus on delivering exceptional experiences for customers – and that’s why we need him. John also has many years in energy-efficient installation which means he’s perfectly placed to be Glowb’s Operations Manager. John helps to make customers’ solar journey as smooth and as easy as possible for our customers, ensuring they receive the best possible service and support.


Solar Installer

Martin is a fully qualified electrician with over 20 years’ experience in both the commercial and domestic sectors. He has experience in solar PV and other electrical installations. As well as managing installation teams, Martin also ran his own successful company in the domestic market for 10 years as an approved electrician. Recently he was a project manager at a leading solar PV company, looking after customers and managing installation teams to complete successful solar installs. Martin makes sure all our installations meet the gold standard of safety when it comes to the electrics.


Solar Roofer

The man who has seen and worked on pretty much every roof type you can imagine – Lee has over 30 years’ experience across commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Lee knows his slate roofs from his clay roofs. Lee has managed roof replacements, roof repairs and re-roofings. He’s been a solar roofer since 2011 with extensive knowledge of different roof coverings and mounting systems. His goal at Glowb is to make customers happy by making the panels look good on their roofs.