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Optimise your battery. Maximise your savings.

Optimise your battery.
Maximise your savings.

Our market-leading, optimisation app is here, and it's a game-changer.

How does it work?


Connect the Glowb app to your inverter in one simple step. The app takes it from here!


See how much energy you're generating, consuming and exporting.

Get the details

Get the granularity you've always wanted - daily, weekly and monthly trends by source.

See the savings

See the uplift in your savings and compare to a non-optimised system.

It’s time to optimise

Finally, one smooth, friction-free app to optimise your battery and manage your solar system is here.

The Glowb app works automatically and seamlessly in the background to optimise your battery.

Using multiple data feeds including the weather forecast, tariff information and your usage data, the app gives you ultimate peace of mind that you're maximising every opportunity for potential savings.

But how does an app optimise my battery?

Our machine-learning algorithm (AI) works hard in the background so you don't have to. The app is always learning, automatically making decisions on your behalf, every 5 minutes! The app saves you time, worry and more money as its goal is to optimise towards efficiency which means maximum potential savings. Take a look at the sort of data the alogorithm learns from:




Glowb customers, get started in 1,2,3…!

Download the app

Search for ‘the Glowb app’ in your app store and accept the Privacy and Terms of Use agreement.

Connect your devices

Use your Dongle ID (the code starting 'SRM') to connect your devices so the app can start to learn usage and generation behaviour.

Connect your tariffs

We need this information to help optimise your devices and to help track savings accurately.

If you have an inverter brand that isn't Solax, we’ll be in touch as soon as you can connect (very soon!)

Power to the people,
not just our customers

Because we're genuinely on a mission to make solar and renewable living easy for all, the Glowb app will be offered to non Glowb customers very soon. Already have a solar and battery system but want a piece of the automatic, optimisation action? To make sure you're one of the first to get the app, make sure you sign up here!

Interested in solar?
We can install your system this Spring

6x panels

2.6kW system
fully installed
from £4,900
  • MCS certification
  • Add a SolaX Power 3.0 kWh battery for £1,350

10x panels

4.4kW system
fully installed
from £5,900
  • MCS certification
  • Add a Solax Power 3.0 kWh battery for £1,350

14x panels

6.8kW system
fully installed
from £6,750
  • MCS certification
  • Add a SolaX Power 5.8 kWh battery for £2,330

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What's everyone saying about us? ​


“Glowb have been great and we are delighted with the finished product. The whole team (all the trades people) have been super helpful and friendly. They have also built a plan and design to suit our house which most solar companies won’t do. We are delighted with the end product”.

Jeremy, London
“An amazing solar installation company. We were absolutely delighted by our whole experience with Glowb. We had received a number of other quotations from other suppliers but Glowb stood out. We are now producing an enormous amount of energy and pretty much self-sufficient most of the time. The whole system seems to be working even better than we had hoped. We would highly recommend anybody considering a solar installation to contact Glowb”.
Clive, Staffordshire​

“Glowb designed a solution for our home and usage that seemed more carefully thought out than other companies we got quotes from. The team were friendly and courteous and kept us in the loop, and we always felt that the guys on-site and those back at base were all determined to deliver the best outcome. It wasn’t the simplest installation, but everybody’s attitude, professionalism and expertise made it as stress-free for us as it could possibly have been”.

Joel, Bedfordshire​


We want everyone to get the most out of their solar installation, regardless of who did the installation.  At the moment, only Glowb customers can access the app but that’s changing. We’ll soon be able to offer the app to everyone with solar panels, regardless of who did the installation. Make sure you register here so we can let you know as soon as possible when you can download it too www.glowb.uk/keep-in-touch-for-app

Your Smart Meter will only tell you how much energy you’ve used, not whether that energy comes from your panels or the grid. Our app will let you know how much energy you’re generating, how much you’re using and how much you’re buying from the grid. Plus, if you have a battery, it will help you buy at the best times when you’re more likely to need it and sell for the best price.

No. The app connects with your inverter so even without a battery, this will help you get the most out of your solar panels. It helps you use energy at the most optimal times of the day so that you’re getting the most out of your solar panels. 

Yes. We’re committed to helping homeowners get the most out of their solar installation. 

Our app will be forever free for Glowb customers and is currently free for everyone who has solar panels regardless of installation company. 

Right now, the app works with Solex inverters but we’re making the app available for more inverters very soon. 

We’re delighted we can bring this clever and useful tech to the UK market, empowering customers to feel good and in control of their renewable systems. Easy tech for big change is something we really believe in at Glowb. We’re genuinely on a mission to make renewable systems easy and stress-free for everyone!

Most batteries come with a basic app out of the box. This tells the battery to charge when excess solar is produced, and discharge as soon as the solar generation falls below usage. This works fine if you pay the same price for your electricity all day. HOWEVER,  now customers can access time-of-use energy pricing (and this is very new in the UK), they can get so much more value out of their battery.

Now you can buy power cheaply, when prices are low – like the middle of the night (sometimes even negative!) and sell it back to the grid when prices are high (often in the evening). Optimising your battery in this way will save you money, and make the pay back on your battery much faster.

In a nutshell, the term ‘savings’ is used for what your energy costs would be, assuming you didn’t have a solar system or battery and assuming you were on the cheapest tariff available. With an optimised battery, the additional savings are compared against an estimate of what they’d be if the battery operated in self-sufficiency mode.

To save you money, the optimisation requires a time-of-use tariff, where the price of your electricity depends on the time of day. Existing Glowb customers have had good results with Octopus’s Agile tariff for import and the Outgoing Fixed 15p export tariff. Talk to us if you need help finding the best tariff for you.

After a couple of days, the app will know enough about your energy usage to start optimising, and after 1-2 weeks it’ll start to show your savings.